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Garment Care

At Park Drycleaners we take the utmost care with your garments - with such a wide range of materials, dyes and finishes used throughout the fashion industry today, we know that each piece of clothing needs its own attention and we pride ourselves on this.

What's so special about fabrics like rayon, silk, and wool blends? Well, these materials may shrink, change colours or lose their shape if washed in water. Garments made of rayon become rumpled and misshapen because water is attracted to the hydrophilic fibers in this fabric. When submerged in water, the fibres expand because water molecules form hydrogen bonds with individual molecules within each fiber. The water molecules also interfere with weak attractions between adjacent fibers, and the fabric as a whole can lose its strength. In order to avoid ruining your favourite shirt, you'll have to resort to other means of cleaning it - namely, dry cleaning.

We follow a process to make sure your garments are taken care of;

Identification and Inspection

When you leave garments for cleaning they are inspected and identified with a tag which stays with the garment until it is returned to you.

Spotting and Stain Removal

Your trained drycleaner skilfully removes spots and stains in conjunction with a number of specialized solutions.


Garments are sorted for cleaning by category and colour with consideration being given to the manufacturers recommended care label instructions.


Garments are then dry cleaned using a special internationally standard clear solution which removes dirt and grease safely from the most delicate and sensitive fabrics.


Garments are dried using temperatures appropriate to the type of garment and in conjunction with any recommendation from the manufacturer's care label instructions.

Pressing and Finishing

Garments are pressed to give those crisp clear pleats and creases that signify a dry cleaned garment. Garments are steam formed to restore body and shape and remove wrinkles.

Final Inspection and Packaging

Garments are given a final inspection and prepared for collection.

So why Dry Clean your shirt?

Park Drycleaners believe your business shirts must be immaculate, as they are a reflection of you in the workplace. 

We pay extra attention to shirt collar and cuffs, pre treating them to eliminate grime stains, our specialised staff are dedicated to the laundering and pressing of your shirts and prior to finishing and hanging, we know your shirt is an important part of your business day and we treat it as such. We can also vary starch levels depending on how crisp you like your business shirt to be.

Shirt Cleaning Methods

Business Shirts and Fitted Shirts (or tailored shirts) are cleaned using two different methods. Below is an explanation of each shirt and how it is cleaned. If you are unsure what type of shirt you are leaving for cleaning, please speak to us at Park Drycleaners when you visit the store. Alternatively, we will clean your business shirt using the method that will best maintain the shirt's fabric and shape. The maintenance of your shirt is of the utmost importance to us.

Business Shirts

Regular business shirts are most commonly worn. Their shape is loose, rather than tailored. Business Shirts are laundered, pressed on a shirt unit and finished with a hand iron.

Fitted Shirts

Shirts with a tailored/ fitted shape are mostly (but not all) are made from elastine based fabrics and are dry cleaned or gentle washed to retain the shirt's shape and then are hand pressed.